Planets on the Milky Way – what do they tell us?

When a planet is moving on the Milky Way, its high level energies are radiated towards the Earth at a much higher intensity. But which planet covers which area of life?

SUN: the possibility to become self-aware, to change the ego to its positive side; experiencing enlightment; unity.


MOON: the creatures of the higher spheres message us through dreams, divination. Obvious symbols in the dreams. Growing sensitivity in a good sense, caring. Focusing on the relationship with the mother.

MERCURY: becoming capable of clear communication, unimpeded communication, ideas that can be manifested easily and that bring fortune.

VENUS: divine energy clears the area of love and relationships. Harmony, finding love, but this is also a good time to start creative activities.


MARS: the importance of having clear intentions. Fight for the real, right causes, goals, which serve ourselves. Elevating the fires of love. Clearing our chosen paths.

JUPITER: the importance of strengthening our beliefs and love. Releasing old beliefs. Wise teachings, getting to higher levels, to God.

SATURN: fate to ascend to higher spiritual levels. Cleaning our lives from passing things, releasing relationships without a solid foundation. Being conscious about our life-task, gathering knowledge. Being responsible of our own lives.

URANUS: mixing the renewing energies with the knowledge. Our knowledge has to be put to serve the community. Unexpected, profitable ideas appear from nowhere.


NEPTUNE: the messages from the creatures of the higher spheres are clear – these have to be comminicated to everone! Manifest of the highest love, glowing of the Christ’s love.

PLUTO: changing our lives radically cannot be avoided. The world’s foundations are changing, old „skeletons” appear again, cleaning ourselves from the negative energies is a global task. transformation, destroying the features that no longer serve us, in order to have the new born.

CHIRON: healing our karmic wounds is key, we can get rid of bad habits that have been haunting us for years. This might cause tears and pain, but in the end the experience of releasing baggages holding us down can be cathartic.

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